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Digitalisation Services for Farmers and Agribusinesses since 2009

Headquartered in Accra with a satellite office in Nairobi, SyeComp is a Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS company for farmers and agribusinesses in Africa pioneering innovative data-driven tools, credit solutions, and climate-smart technologies using space technology.

SyeComp is spearheading efforts in satellite-derived geodata enabled precision agriculture services in Africa. As an Earth Observation Technology pioneer, the company strives to support smallholder African farmers and agribusinesses with localised digital solutions to create sustainable and profitable agrifood systems, smart sourcing ( traceability) solutions, project co-design, and outgrower management.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project/assignment and customise our support to your individual business needs and concerns.

Our staff and partner experts have been working in the technology and agrifood nexus for over a decade and have built extensive consulting experience with varied local and international development agencies. We’re on the pulse of modern digitalisation in agriculture in Africa and have monitored its evolution to inform our own professional approaches—all to give you an exceptional service that will last for years to come.

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Areas of Work

remote sensing

The world of digitalisation in agriculture, including ag/farmer data is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about sound trends. We deliver Remotely Sensed Satellite and Drone Imagery, Analytics, Land-Use, Crop & Water Stress Monitoring services.

Agricultural intelligence

Demystifying digitalisation in agriculture in Africa is a fun and creative practice for us at SyeComp. It requires finesse, strategic structuring, and in many ways, empathy. SyeComp builds crop and location-specific products and services that bring intelligent insights to agricultural supply chains.

farm mapping

The way small farming families undertake agriculture in Africa is constantly in flux, so the technologies must adapt quickly. SyeComp delivers industry-standard farm survey and mapping, irrespective of geographical location. We also assist clients with remote farm management plans.

smart sourcing/traceability

The commodity supply chain in Africa is evolving and thus requires technologies deeply entrenched in the space. SyeComp drives the process with produce warehousing/packhouse management for selected produce supply chains and designs sustainable traceability solutions to boost market access.

mfarmpay financing

We are focused on unlocking financing, including climate finance, to African farmers with validated and transparent data points to mitigate lending risks. With mfarmPay credit and Credit Scoring Engine we drive rural financing at scale and professionalise farmer coops.

Localised weather forecasting

We deliver context-specific SMS and voice-based localised weather information via the Farmer Helpline Channel to numerous agricultural value chain actors, including smallholder farmer coops to enable them better prioritise their farming work. Weather data is acquired from satellite imagery.


SyeComp’s Ag-data initiatives tend to boost smallholder integration into formal markets by helping to make more farmers visible to agribusiness and agri-lenders


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