Geospatial Mapping Services


At Syecomp Ghana Ltd, we provide professional services in
i. GIS/GPS Survey and Mapping ( Points, Line, Polygon feature Mapping)
• Point Feature Mapping (properties, settlements, boreholes, points of interest, et al);
• Line Feature Mapping (rivers, road, route mapping, et al);
• Polygon Feature Mapping (farm mapping, parcel delineation, plot-boundary mapping, et al )
ii. Satellite/Drone Image Sensor Data Analysis (Multispectral, Hyperspectral, Superspectral)

iii. Agricultural Research and Training
iv. Knowledge Management

We demonstrate adeptness in
• GIS application and spatial data analysis
• Mapping techniques
• Satellite/Drone Imagery processing
• Good communication, report-writing and presentation skills
Geographic information is critical in promoting social and economic development and protecting the environment. Syecomp Ltd assists in the creation of spatial data to facilitate support of public and private applications. Our concept enhances the acquisition, distribution and utilization of geospatial data.