Syecomp provides high precision aerial imagery and analysis and utilizes highly accurate and calibrated sensors to view the land in a different way to normal vision. These highly specialized sensors help to produce unique and informative maps.

Syecomp’s services for agriculture detect crop infestation, stress, and other yield robbing variables before they become a problem. Performance of hybrids and the influence of fertilizers/other inputs and variables can also be monitored and accurately measured. Additionally, our imagery can be deployed for field scouting, forest cover monitoring, and for inventory works.

Output range from RGB (colour) maps to multispectral maps including:

Vegetation indices|Plant stress| Weed density mapping|Tree Counts|Emergence and Population Maps|Yield Potential|Elevation and Plant Light in 2D and 3D

Generally, we have invested in the state of the art industry-relevant Geospatial Mapping  Solutions for Satellite/UAV Image Data Processing to generate:

Vegetation Indices|Biomass Maps|Land-Use Maps|Weather forecasting*|Cropping intensity| Custom tailored maps

Syecomp Ghana Ltd also provides satellite image acquisition services from a range of commercial satellite service providers. Satellite Imagery Available include:

DigitalGlobe WorldView-3: 30-50 cm

DigitalGlobe GeoEye-1: 40-50 cm

DigitalGlobe WorldView-2: 40-50 cm

KOMPSAT-3A: 40-55 cm

Airbus Pléiades: 50 cm

DigitalGlobe WorldView-1: 40-50 cm

DigitalGlobe QuickBird: 60 cm

KOMPSAT: 70 cm

DigitalGlobe IKONOS: 80 cm

KOMPSAT-5 Radar: 1 m, 3m, & 20 Meter

Airbus SPOT 6 and SPOT 7: 1.5 Meter

Airbus SPOT: 2.5 Meter

BlackBridge RapidEye Imagery: 5 Meter

Airbus TerraSAR-X: Multiresolution Imagery

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Satellite/UAV Image Data Analysis
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