About Syecomp

Syecomp Ghana Ltd is a technology driven, social impact Geospatial Company incorporated in Ghana and primarily focuses on enhancing agriculture through ICT and advanced geospatial solutions, research and knowledge management. Syecomp specializes in the acquisition, processing, analysis and synthesis of Geospatial data for various applications using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).

The company also provide support for various actors across and along value chains in new dynamics of gathering data and disseminating information via SMS and voice to improve farm productivity, income and efficiency of operations.

At Syecomp Ghana Ltd, our expertise is demonstrable in

* Geospatial Survey and Mapping Services (Points, Line, Polygon feature mapping);

* Advanced Image Data Analysis Services [via satellites and Umanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)];

* Localized and Actionable Weather Forecast Information Services;

* Relaying of Relevant Agronomic Tips via multiple delivery channels,

* Soil Testing Services; and

* Agricultural Research /Knowledge Management Services.

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) services allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. It enable us  undertake geotraceability of inputs and farm produce. GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization.SyecompOur Research work focuses on informing stakeholders on the role of agriculture and rural development in the broader economic and policy context in line with the emphasis placed on agriculture in Ghana Shared Growth Development Agenda (GSGDA) and other relevant National Development Strategies. Syecomp Ghana Ltd supports the development and implementation of research and case studies across aspects of the agricultural value chain for local and international development institutions, and the Government of Ghana. We have a dynamic team of young researchers, partner consultants and a management team always at your service. We take a local-to-global approach in providing agricultural research services. Call on us!