Client-centred. Thorough. Practical. Participative. Original. Multidisciplinary. Focused on beneficiaries. Value for money.


Our approach to every assignment/project is based on the following principles:

Client-centred. We place a great deal of emphasis on clarifying client objectives at the start of any consultancy assignment and of reviewing these and our progress throughout our work.

Thorough and rigorous. Our recommendations will be evidence-based, founded on solid research and statistical rigour.

Practical. Our reports focus on practical policy outcomes which can be implemented and which work.  They are rooted in the specific context of each piece of work we undertake.  We believe in producing ‘solutions that work’.

Participative. We seek to involve all stakeholders in the development of analyses of problems and in the design of solutions.

Original. Drawing on an extensive knowledge of good practice in many policy fields, we also have a reputation for coming up with innovative proposals.

Multidisciplinary. One of our specialties is drawing together and managing the multi-disciplinary teams required to tackle many regeneration issues.

Focused on beneficiaries. We never forget that the ultimate aim of most consultancy assignments is to improve the quality of life for target groups of people.

Value for money. All of the above, together with our competitive rates and exceptional productivity, results in a value for money for our clients which is second to none.