SyeComp is committed to supporting and continually improving our business operations to fulfill our mission and achieve our key results. Our management system reflects our values by promoting excellence and innovation so that we can achieve greater development impact, ensure client and staff satisfaction, and promote growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

SyeComp’s mission is to provide affordable, timely and customized market-oriented geospatial mapping solutions that meet client’s objectives and budget needs.

Our vision is to be a recognised market leader in the provision of Satellite and Drone-based imagery and analytics solutions, and Geospatial Survey and Mapping solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Transparency and Accountability

As a startup company, SyeComp believes in transparency in business practices and accountability for results, whether in our projects or in our internal systems.

Continual Improvement

Our Internal Management Systems (IMS) at SyeComp establishes and supports our systematic approach to continual improvement, which is a natural extension of our commitment to growth and excellence. We periodically evaluate processes to improve efficiency, while also encouraging clients, staff, and other partners to offer suggestions on ways to improve business processes.